The Benefits of Supporting Small Businesses

At the beginning of 2021, there were an impressive 5.5 million small businesses functioning around the world. Many of these were set up specifically to fill gaps in the market, which hadn’t been fully addressed by larger conglomerates.

When a customer is on the lookout for something that is extra special and exclusive, a small enterprise is normally more inclined to meet and exceed that expectation. This is dictated by the enormous pride that those individuals carry when representing an independent business and the personal gratification they receive in meeting each customer enquiry.

Unlike large, mainstream brands, independent and small businesses create products that are handcrafted and follow a meticulous quality check. Each product is individually hand made with incredible attention to detail and small business owners are more likely to be happier to go the extra mile to fulfil a personalised order.

It is also becoming more apparent that customers are now actively searching for eco-friendly, sustainable products and ultimately small businesses that reflect the same value.

Most small businesses like Ribbon & Wicker, aim to create products that minimize the impact on our environment by significantly reducing the use of single use plastic and eliminating harmful materials. This is made possible thanks to all the small businesses and customers that are actively implementing sustainable alternatives in their day to day lives.

The benefits of supporting a small business are numerous and incredibly significant, affecting environmental, economic and social pillars of our society:

1. Environmental - Small businesses are constantly finding ways to help reduce the impact on the environment, and when customers buy from these businesses, they are investing and supporting this goal. Additionally, producing and shopping locally from small businesses significantly decreases energy consumption and CO2 footprint. Many small businesses are run from home or modest sized dwellings which require less energy to run. When a product is produced and bought locally, the product journey is reduced to a minimum, especially when relying on couriers that employ 0 emission vans. Ribbon & Wicker offers recyclable, recycled, reusable and biodegradable packaging, as well as collaborating with other small businesses who share the same values of sustainable development.

2. Economic - Money spent within small businesses ensures the economic growth and stability of these enterprises, their local areas, it creates more jobs for individuals and creates connections within the community. If a community features numerous independent businesses and it boasts about them, it creates a sense of belonging and of pride which will stimulate this ecosystem to thrive. Ribbon & Wicker is proud to be continuously supporting local artisans and other small businesses in creating unique products that delight.

3. Social – This sense of community can also be found within the business itself, where employees, suppliers, partners, and customers are valued and respected, creating a positive working environment and a reliable enterprise to support. Businesses also give back to their communities by organising fundraising, sponsoring scholarships, and investing in local projects. Ribbon & Wicker for example, is proud to be working in partnership with local colleges by supporting young people looking for relevant industry work experience, crucial when starting one’s professional career path.

Therefore, supporting small businesses reinforces their commitments, objectives and values, which consumers can ultimately benefit from.

Independent enterprises are run by extremely passionate, driven, and skilled individuals who dedicate themselves to their company values; Ribbon & Wicker is fiercely committed to:

  • Supporting artisans and other independent businesses.

  • Offering great quality products and customer care.

  • Running a sustainable business that takes care of the environment.

We are incredibly passionate about the products we create, the components we source, the people we work with, the creative minds we invest in, and the planet we live in. This culminates in exclusive luxury hampers and gifts that support other small businesses, artisans, and the environment.

Thank you for shopping small.