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Thank you for visiting the Ribbon & Wicker Sustainability page. Together we can help to make gifting more sustainable!
The Ribbon & Wicker team has pulled together some of our top tips below for re-using your items. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list; If you can find any clever ways of re-using items please share them with us and we will feature the best ones on our website and social media!
How to reuse your items
Our commitment to minimise an impact on our environment is as strong as ever and can be seen in every gift we source and prepare.
We want to take this a little further and share with you ideas on how to reuse the items you have received:
  • Bottles: glass bottles are 100% infinitely recyclable, however these can be used to store homemade cordials, homemade cloudy lemonade, flower vases, bird feeders, self-watering herb garden and candle holders.
  • Brown paper: from recycled paper, make sure this is added to the recycling bin!
  • Boxes: either keep and reuse for your own deliveries or flatten them and recycle.
  • Cans: great items to recycle as they can be recycled infinite times.
  • Cardboard Trays: these can be recycled (check your local council) or used as storage organisers, gardening, seed trays, home decor.
  • Coffee grounds: incredibly versatile, use your coffee grounds as plant fertiliser, as a natural deodorant, or as natural body scrubs mixed with coarse brown sugar and honey.
  • Jars: wash and sterilise the jars for homemade chutneys, jams and preserves. These can also make useful desk organisers, containers for sewing kits, pins, ribbons and buttons.
  • Wicker Hampers: regift these beautiful, natural baskets or use them as handy and stylish containers around the house for DIY tools, crafts, fabric or even for pets...These can also be used for shop displays, market stalls, picnics or donated to charities
  • Raffia String Bags: beautifully earthy and rustic, these are great for present wrapping, or for storing shoes, potatoes or onions, etc
  • Ribbons: keep your ribbons and reuse them for present wrapping, craft and home decor.
  • Tins: can be infinitely recycled or reused for home storage.
  • Tulle: the "tutu fabric", our lovely tulle can be reused for wrapping presents, home decor, or you could simply add some dried lavender flowers, tie closed with a ribbon and add to drawers and wardrobes for a fresh sent.
Have any additional ideas? Share them on Facebook and Instagram by tagging @ribbonandwicker on your post.
Thank you for helping us making gifting more sustainable!
Ribbon & Wicker team

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