Go Green or Miss Out – Why businesses should think about sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a crucial aspect of a business’s success as it meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

As the everyday consumer become more eco-conscious, businesses must meet their needs and expectations, proving they are using their position to promote a greener world.

Whilst many businesses recognise the importance of sustainability, fewer have sustainability as a core value. At Ribbon & Wicker we believe it is crucial for every business to do their part in safeguarding our environment, and we are striving for greener solutions.

Sustainable business strategies of course benefit the move towards a greener future, but the reasoning doesn’t stop there:

  1. Sustainable brands meet consumer demands. There is a changing trend among consumers toward supporting sustainability, gaining traction from younger generations like millennials and generation Z, who are more likely to voice their dismay with businesses stuck in the past.

  2. A sustainable business also benefits economically. Sustainable strategy can reduce operating costs significantly and lower energy consumption and water intake. In the long run, going green has the potential to increase efficiency as brands are likely to benefit from its sustainability activities.

  3. Sustainability in business attracts an engaged community and creates new opportunities. Being sustainable can lead to the public being more motivated to interact with a brand because they see value in what the business is doing.

It is clear that adopting a sustainable business plan and acting now will be pivotal for business growth and success as well as safeguarding our environment.

Whether a business is just starting out or is more established and looking to adapt, there is opportunity to embrace a greener way of living and making an active change.

Here at Ribbon & Wicker, our commitment to reduce harmful waste, single-use plastic and minimise our impact on our environment is as strong as ever and can be seen in every gift we source and prepare. Find out more about commitment to sustainability here .

Looking for unique, premium and eco-friendly gifts? Contact us for corporate and bespoke gifting options that are sustainable, tailored to your budget and requirements. Visit our Corporate page to see who we work with and how we can assist you.

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