Bringing Investment Stories to life with Ribbon & Wicker Hampers

Ribbon & Wicker team had the honour of partnering with a leading asset manager for the creation of bespoke hampers for their virtual event.

The team were looking to source hampers which brought to life the brand’s investment story for an educational, intimate roundtable discussion via Zoom webinar. So Ribbon & Wicker was called upon to create bespoke themed hampers containing branded items alongside sourced themed elements for a virtual event held on 27 April 2021.

These items were presented in a medium manilla cardboard tray, filled with crinkled shredded paper; each fragile item wrapped in unprinted newspaper off-cuts and tied with dark blue string. Handmade branded labels were made using brown kraft paper labels and a bespoke wooden and rubber stamp with ink pad, a sustainable alternative to branding needs.

The hampers were then wrapped in fabric and finished off with a light blue grosgrain ribbon made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. We learnt that 10 plastic bottles make approximately 100 metres of 19mm ribbon, this means that for every two x 5 metre reels of Ruby&Bo ribbon produced, one plastic bottle is saved from landfill, or from damaging the wider environment like our oceans.

The event was a huge success with attendees enjoying the snacks whilst engaging with the speakers during the call. The team were so impressed with the hamper and theme, they are looking to replicate the event later in the year for a wider audience.

This success culminated in outstanding feedback from our customers:

“The hamper was a great success and really brought the investment story to life, and I’m still munching my way through the goodies.”

“I really struggled not to eat everything over the weekend! These look really brilliant!”

“Everything about the hamper was perfectly packaged and on theme with the event!”

“Ribbon and Wicker were an amazing help, catering to all of our needs and

able to adapt to our constant changes!”

“Looks epic! Very well-done team!”

We loved every minute of this project and we wanted to thank all our customers for their trust and support!

Fun fact: did you know that it takes about 1.14Kg of grapes to make one bottle of wine?