A Tribute to Sustainability and Mother Earth

Ribbon & Wicker had the pleasure of working with Adobe Creative Campus and Taylor Bennet Partners in preparation for a virtual event which took place on 22 April 2021.

The event featured speakers from Teesside University, Arizona State University and UTSA who together discussed important topics around Student Centred Learning with Digital Literacy.

This occasion fell on World Earth Day and as such, all the items selected for these hampers were carefully sourced and curated to ensure sustainability and minimal impact on the environment.

The hampers included:

  • Cream tea box, with cakes freshly baked on the day and wrapped in 100% biodegradable film to maintain freshness. The boxes included: 4 macarons, 2 scones, clotted cream, brownie, lemon drizzle and 2 mini-Victoria sponges.

  • Strawberry jam, 100% natural using the best ingredients by The Fruity Kitchen, a family run business in Yorkshire. The Fruity Kitchen was born when in 2006 Paula and Jon launched an initiative to reduce waste and encourage enterprise, their “cash-4-crops scheme” was launched to encourage customers to bring in their excess home-grown fruit and vegetables in exchange for vouchers to use within their establishments. It was an abundance of apples collected through the scheme that kick-started Paula’s experimenting. From then, all natural artisanal jellies and jams are now available as part of Biscoe’s jellies and The Fruity Kitchen.

  • Adobe branded A5 notebook made in London & Kent with FSC-Recycled 100% post-consumer waste-paper and vegan-friendly natural paste dyed paperboard. All carbon emissions released in the production of this notebook's paper is offset. 5% of proceeds donated to charities working to improve resources for young creatives living in the world's most disadvantaged regions.

  • Sprout pencil: the plantable pencils that can grow into plants like flowers, herbs, vegetables and even trees once they are too short to use. Made from sustainable and certified wood with a non-toxic clay and graphite core terminating in a plant-based seed capsule containing 10 different non-GMO seeds.

  • Organic rich dark chocolate 71% bar by Chocolate and Love. They use FSC certified paper for the outer wrappers, plastic-free silver inner wrappers made from renewable wood which are completely biodegradable and dissolve in your compost heap in a couple of months and they also collaborate with an innovative re-forestation organisation called Weforest.org. Chocolate and Love have planted trees in Ethiopia and Tanzania. By planting back, they are also helping offset the production of the paper used in packaging the chocolate bars.

  • Great British Cuppa tea bags by Bird & Blend Tea Co. which is an eco conscious, independent, people-focused, award winning Tea Mixology Company. These tea bags are presented in plastic free packaging and biodegradable tea bags. Bird & Blend Tea Co. offers plastic free cups, straws and lids in store, 98% recycled and recyclable packaging for all online orders and pledging to hit 100% by end of 2021. To this day, they have also planted 36,585 trees to offset carbon (and counting) and raised over £20,000 for more than 30 good causes.

  • Wooden and rubber stamp with ink pad as a sustainable alternative to bespoke branding requirements.

  • Seeded paper utilised to create labels and letter sheets. The paper is 100% biodegradable and embedded with a mix of wildflower seeds. To grow, the paper just needs to be placed in a pot with compost and watered well. Once sprouted, the plants can be transferred to a garden or larger pot.

Click here to watch "the making of" these hampers.

The hampers were a great success, resulting in excellent feedback from our customer:

"Alice was super organised as usual and had options over to me for a bespoke hamper, within a day. The items sourced were excellent given the brief was to keep it 'sustainable'. Really pleased with the quality and efficiency with which they were delivered and end client very happy too. WIN WIN. Thank you Alice!" Daniel E, Customer

Ribbon & Wicker offers, as standard practice, eco-friendly packaging for every order:

  • Recycled cardboard transit boxes.

  • Eco-friendly tape, manufactured from 57gsm silicone free Kraft paper with a natural rubber adhesive making it 100% recyclable with the carton.

  • Unprinted newspaper off-cuts to wrap fragile items.

  • Shredded natural paper, manufactured from three layers of 100% recycled antistatic 80 gsm Kraft paper.

  • Void filling protective paper, made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

  • Our “gift boxes” are made from either wicker or cardboard which are both natural and recyclable/reusable and we use satin ribbons for each gift.

We also work with businesses who have a shared interest in sustainability and lowering our impact on the environment.

Want to learn more about sustainable gifting? Visit our Sustainability page where you will find useful tips on how to reuse or recycle your items.

Lets all do our part in safeguarding our environment.