A Colombian Cuisine Masterclass with Ribbon & Wicker Hampers

Ribbon & Wicker had the honour of working alongside the Embassy of Colombia in preparation for a virtual Colombian Cuisine Masterclass on sustainable eating and biodiversity held on 27 November 2020

Ribbon & Wicker was commissioned to deliver bespoke hampers for the lucky participants of this culinary online masterclass to allow them to follow and be inspired by traditional recipes utilising ingredients included in the hampers.

The event was created to explore some of Colombia's most unique ingredients, and learn how to cook the most exquisite recipes with specific edible plants to improve nutrition and help protect the planet. The masterclass focused on biodiversity and cuisine, an important topic for Colombia which is the 2nd most biodiverse country in the world and which is in need of protection. The aim is to understand the importance of protecting the environment when choosing what to eat by changing our diets, knowing where our products come from, understanding their traceability and insure we purchase from sustainable sources.

The event, both in English and Spanish, featured two well-known Colombian chefs, Antonuela Ariza, Chef and Artist, and Eduardo Martinez, Agricultural Scientist and Chef as well as the Colombian Project Manager of the ‘Useful Plants & Fungi of Colombia’ project.

The protagonists of the masterclass were three unique edible plants: Chontaduro, Guáimaro and Borojó, utilised in three traditional recipes.

The project aims to understand the native plants and fungi of Colombia, and how this knowledge can be socialised with Colombian population promoting this knowledge to Colombian society to improve livelihoods and encourage bio economy through sustaining biodiversity.

The project was run in partnership with Kew Gardens and Humboldt Institute with the participation of the British Council, Newton-Fund Caldas and MinCiencias.

Ribbon & Wicker designed and assembled these beautiful cotton-lined wicker baskets, containing some of Colombia's most unique ingredients, provided by the Colombian Embassy.

The Colombian colours were of inspiration for the arrangement; vibrant red, yellow and blue in light weight paper and satin ribbons throughout.

The jars were carefully wrapped in these colours, completed with yellow, blue and red satin ribbons. An explosion of colour amongst earthy tones of brown. The hampers were then sealed with beautiful ivory tulle fabric and closed with a raffia ribbon below a vibrant yellow, blue and red bow.

For further details on this project in collaboration with Kew Gardens, please click here.

Click here to view the recorded masterclass.

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