A traditional Easter classic, the Italian Colomba, meaning dove. It is said the colomba represents the white dove carrying an olive branch, symbol of peace and freedom.


This "dove" cake is a soft, spongy cake made using candied orange peel, sweet hazelnuts, and is topped with sugar glaze and almonds; it's blooming wonderful!

Easter Colomba

  • Classic glazed Colomba with almonds - Gilbert (750g): wheat flour, orange peel candied (orange peel, glucose, fructose syrup, sugar), butter, egg yolk, sugar, hazelnuts frosting 10% (sugar, egg white, hazelnuts 9%, rice flour), natural leavening (wheat flour, water), invert sugar syrup. Decoration with almonds and granulated sugar, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acid of vegetal origin, salt. natural flovouring of orange. I may contain traces of peanuts, soia and pistacles.